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ACOTS Held the 2018 Annual Financial Work Conference

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  On November 21, 2018, the company's year-end financial work conference was held in Hefei. More than 30 people from the company's leadership team, department managers, finance staff, and subsidiary managers attended the meeting. General manager Zhou Xinkai hosted the meeting.
  At the meeting, the subsidiaries briefed attendees on the implementation of the budget in 2018, financial statements for 2018, and the coming purchase of autumn grain. The audit department then reported the progress of ongoing auditing process on ACOTS led by the Audit Office, detailed all arrangements for fund management, financial accounting, and final accounts. The audit, assets, and warehousing departments also made specific arrangements for internal auditing, investment, and grain storage affairs.

  At the end of the meeting, Zhou Xinkai the general manager made a concluding statement. He affirmed the achievements of the company's financial work this year and put forward specific requirements for the next financial year. He emphasized that in the financial management, accuracy is the very foundation of all and highest priority, more standardized operating is required in order to achieve that, work more on the supervision as well; finance department has to be built into a team with efficiency and profession to provide better service for other departments.
  The leadership had a further discussion on how to refine financial work.

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