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Annual ACOTS Work Conference in 2019

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  On March 6, 2019, the annual work conference of ACOTS was successfully held in Hefei. More than 80 people including the staff of the headquarters of ACOTS, managers and deputy managers of all subsidiaries, office managers, grain depot managers, the excellent employees and the excellent custodians attended the meeting.

  At the meeting, the headquarters and its subsidiaries, grain depots and offices summarized the achievements and deficiencies of their work in year 2018, deeply analyzed the current situation and difficulties, and made preliminary arrangements for the work in 2019; comprehensively summarized 2018 Party affairs and assigned the tasks for 2019, and put forward specific requirements for work such as finance, auditing, investment, warehousing management and inventory check. The meeting also commended the excellent employees and excellent custodians of year 2018, and reported list of excellent employees and “rationalization proposals” winners praised by parent company; Zhou Xinkai, the general manager of the ACOTS, signed the business target responsibility prospectus and safety production responsibility prospectus with the managers of the subsidiaries.
  General Manager Zhou Xinkai made an important speech at the meeting. He comprehensively summarized the work of 2018, clarified the basic policies of the work and the goal of the company's business objectives in 2019.
  General Manager Zhou Xinkai pointed out that in 2018, the company conscientiously implemented the decision-making and deployment of the parent company, strictly followed the theme of steady progress, did a great job in policy-based grain purchase and storage under the principle of “guarantee safety, prevent risks, and develop the market” as determined at the beginning of the year; set up the platform, link up each ring of the industry chain, and expand domestic and international grain business by make the best of advantages of the headquarters; driven by investments on current projects, the industry chain will be continuously extended to maintain the company's sustainable development. He emphasized that 2019 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China and is the key year to achieve the first 100-year goal of building a affluent society. To be fully prepared for work next year, we must take Xi Jinping's new socialism with Chinese characteristics as guidance, adhere to the basic idea of steady progress, and take stability the prerequisite, focus on risk control and safe production; take today's market share as a starting point, strive to accomplish business transformation and breakthrough; enhance our innovation ability and integration ability as we operate on current projects; take the path of marketization and industrialization unswervingly.

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