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A Brief Introduction of Three Types of Edible Oil Packing Machine

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  1. Drop-type packing machine, with its simple structure, low price, fast packing speed (up to 14 boxes/min), is favored by all edible oil production enterprises. However, due to the use of drop-type structure design, there is a certain noise we have to bear with.

      2. Grab-type bottle-filling machine adopts special mechanical gripper design, which stabilize the bottle-grabbing, whole system is driven by a servo motor, its arc-shaped trajectory solves the shaking phenomenon of bottles in the process of high-speed movement. This filling machine has a nice appearance and can be designed according to customers' need. The maximum speed can reach 25 bottles/min.

  3. Packing robot, the body is designed as articulated robots, and it functions just fine. The fastest speed of the machine could reach 35-40 boxes/min, fast speed and small space occupation are big advantages.
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