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Significance of Boiler Cleaning

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  First, significance of boiler cleaning:
  As the occurrence of scale, the heat conduction decrease, so that the heat exchange efficiency of the boiler is reduced. It is more difficult to reach its ideal performance as it was designed to be; and because the heat transfer is deteriorated, the metal is easier to get overheated, the heating pipes tend to expand and deform, even explode under that internal pressure (except for atmospheric pressure boilers); also because of the poor heat transfer, more fuel that's been consumed and a predictable shorter service life would both increase the cost. Therefore, boiler scale needs to be cleaned by proper measures.
  Second, principles of the cleaning system design:
  1. There shall be no sand or other debris in the temporary pipeline, and the slope of the temporary pipeline laid horizontally in the direction of drainage shall not be less than 1/200.Pipe welding parts should be located in an easy-to-observe area. The weld should not be close to important equipment.
  2. The filter inlet should be installed with a filter with hole diameter of less than 5 mm, and the water level of the tank should be at least 2 m above the pump inlet to prevent cavitations.
  3. A temporary liquid level gauge and a liquid level alarm device are arranged on the steam drum, and an orifice plate with hole diameter of 25 mm is installed at the lower nozzle of the steam drum.
  4. The top of the boiler drum shall be provided with a hydrogen discharge hole no smaller than the aperture of 32 mm.
  Third, preparations before cleaning
  1. The system is installed, the water pressure is qualified, and the storage and water supply are sufficient.
  2. According to the safety measures, various medicines and laboratory instruments are prepared, and the monitoring tube is installed. Chemicals checked.
  3. Equipment and systems which are not related to the cleaning shall be either removed or isolated, superheater is isolated, water level gauge and instruments, sampling, and dosing pipeline are isolated.
  4. In order to maintain the temperature of the boiler cleaning fluid, the furnace and tail flue outlets should be closed.

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