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Company Relocation Notification

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  To whom it may concern:
  On January 18, 2018, our company moved to a new office building located at No. 275 Wuhu Road, Hefei City. You may find new telephone numbers to reach each department as follows:
  General Manager's office: 64667996
  Vice General Manager's office: 64661506, 64668165, 64660662
  General Affairs Department: 64668270, 64667447
  Trade Department: 64668287
  Storage Department: 64660902
  Import & Export department: 64667640
  Finance Department: 64660912, 64667724
  Audit Department: 64668064
  Assets Department: 64668712
  Union: 64668270
  Fax: 64668270

       We hereby notify the information above, you are more than welcomed to contact us.

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