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  Anhui Cereal & Oil Transportation & Storage Co.,LTD was established by the Grain Administration of Anhui Province as a wholly-owned subsidiary company of Anhui Food Group Co., Ltd. on September 1st, 1992. This state-owned corporation has now developed into an integrated enterprise which mainly engages in the business of cereals and oils, grain processing and storage, rice import and export, etc. The company has 8 subsidiaries and a registered capital of 40 million yuan; it's got a storage capacity of 2 million tons for grains and 15 thousand tons for oils, its 4 grain drying and cleaning bases with 60 sets of equipments is capable of processing nearly 2,000 tons of high-moisture grain per day. ACOTS is also a state-approved franchisee that works on grain trade, we created the highest annual rice export record of 5 hundred thousand tons in Anhui history. ACOTS has qualification for state grain (oil) reserves and province grain (oil) reserves as well, among all our grain purchase stations there are 66 of them are approved low-price purchase station.
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