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Anhui Hualiang Cereals and Oils

  Anhui Hualiang Cereals and Oils Storage and Transportation Co., Ltd. was established in December 2005. The registered capital is 5 million yuan. The company's business includes grain purchase, fumigants; sales of grain and oil products, manufacturing and installation and technical Services of grain storage and transportation equipment, accessories, inspection instruments, electronic products, stationery, general merchandise, feed processing and sale, warehouse leasing, transportation.
  Since the establishment of the company, through the efforts of all employees, the benefits have been improved year by year. The company leases warehouses in Fengyang and other places, company has completed every policy-based grain purchase, developed its own management, seized opportunities to enter the market, participated in market competition, and realized the preservation and growth of state-owned assets. In the operation and management of fumigants, they strictly abided by the operating regulations on the management of dangerous chemicals, not a single accident has occurred by far, they have contributed to the safe storage of grains in the whole province's grain system, which has been fully affirmed by the Anhui Provincial Food Office and the China Grain Reserves Group, and won the praise of their customers.
  Full Name: Anhui Hualiang Cereals and Oils Storage and Transportation Co., Ltd.
  Address: No. 275, Wuhu Road, Hefei City.
  Postal Code: 230006
  General Manager: Yuan Zhongshun
  Mobile: 13505513466
  Telephone:0551-62885460 0551-62883302/62887247
  Fax: 0551-62885460
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