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Tianchang Guoyuan Cereals and Oils

  Tianchang Guoyuan Cereals and Oils Transportation and Storage Co.,Ltd was established in 2003, mainly engages in trade, storage, processing and transportation of the grains and oil, Got a registered capital of 120 million yuan. This company is also engaged in storage and transportation machinery, instruments, packaging equipment, building materials, steel, daily department stores, household appliances sales, feed sales. The company locates in the north of Yangtze River, south of Huai River, west of Gaoyou Lake and east of the Beijing-Shanghai Railway line, the national highway 205 goes right across the town, the company is 51 kilometers away from Yangzhou, 75 kilometers from Nanjing and only 3-hour-driving away from Shanghai. Waterway through Gaoyou Lake to the major ports along the river and along the coast is also available, such a good location guarantees its delivery capacity. Currently the company consists of the storage and transportation department, the finance department and the audit department, with more than 20 employees at your service.
  Full Name: Tianchang Guoyuan Cereals and Oils Transportation and Storage Co.,Ltd
  Address: 3/F Feitian Mansion A, Shiliangdong Road, Tianchang City
  Postal Code: 239300
  General Manager: Ge Jinming
  Mobile: 86 13909601669
  Telephone: 86 550 2398080 2398087
  Fax: 86 550 2398087
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